Black Anthology began in 1989 when Marcia Hayes-Harris saw the need for a creative outlet for black students on Washington University in St. Louis’s campus. She gathered a small group of students and performed works from established black authors, poets, and creative minds.

Now in its 34th year (32nd production), BA is a show that is written, choreographed, directed, and produced entirely by Wash U undergraduates. Each year the Executive Board, cast, and crew aim to create a show that examines the nuanced black experience in America, from both the past and present.

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Show Dates: February 2, 2024 & February 3, 2024

Past Shows

1990 Black Anthology
Coordinator: Francine Stowe

1991 Black Anthology
Director: Carlos Sneed

1992 Resistance
Director: Mo Barbosa

1994: The Harlem Renaissance: A Montage Reclaimed

1995 Celebrating the Black Family
Director: Aaron Greer
Coordinator: Michele H. Holton

1996 Black Identity: Reflections Blackness
Director: Brent Gilmore
Coordinator: Kristy McDowell

1997 Black Comedy: Laughing to Keep From Crying
Director: Corey Jones
Coordinator: Courtney Collier

1998 A Black Love Song
Director: June Christian
Coordinator: Lori Crawford

1999 The Black Continuum
Director: LaMonica Carpenter-Okrah

2000 Flip the Script: Dreams, Escapes, Revolutions
Director: Miles Grier

2002 Reflections: Standing Behind the Mirror
Director: Imani Cheers

2003 Shattered Lens: Reconstructing the American Montage
Director: Linda Esah

2004 Linked Fate
Director: Derrick A. Everett

2005 The Ties that Bind
Director: Andrea Lee

2006 Lest We Forget
Director: Andrea Newsome

2007 Refrain: A Cautionary Tale
Director: LeMar Moore

2008 Syncopated: Can You Keep the Beat?
Director: Valerie Wade

2009 Midnight Chronicles: Things are never really as they seem…
Director: Heather Skanes

2010 Intersection: What Side of History Will You Be On?
Director: Nadia Mann

2011 Double Consciousness
Director: DeMarco Mitchner

2012 Lest We Forget
Director: Diamond Skinner

2013 Metro
Director: Kris Campa

2014 Post-
Director: Chelsea Whitaker

2015 The Six
Director: Dana Robertson

2016 woke
Director: Schuyler Atkins

2017 Black and Blue 
Director: Ebby Offord

2018 1:05 
Director: Ebby Offord

2019 The Creation.  
Director: Ebby Offord

Director: Ali Elganzouri

2021 essential(s)
Director: Courtney Robertson

2022 Asifuye Mvua Imemnyeshea
Director: Maya Phelps

2023 Change Gon’ Come
Director: Courtney Robertson